The dems in Wisconsin have a riot alert.  They voted for anarchy.

The dems in New Mexico are still trying to steal Republican ballots.


I don’t see how the HOR can make law on their own.  Stupid f@ like this is why Trump should pardon everyone he knows, including himself.


The Imitation Editor:  Is this about Chocolate FLAVORED Hershey’s Syrup, LL ?

Spot The Fake Cat:  It’s about the truth.  Can you spot the true articles ?

Here are two more.

TIE:  Did you list all of the people that you won’t believe, STFC ?

I overlooked a few, Mitt Romney, Real Doctor Fauci, and any talk show hosts who talk about the 2016 lynching or 2020 overthrow of the government.  I can’t take anymore.  Just say no to the Obama, Biden Lapdogs.

I would like to see Americans protest against the MSM board members at their homes and business locations.  The American people need to revolt-like MLK.

TIE:  Should they be violent, STFC ?

No, they should be peaceful, like the Antifa/BLM Freedom Fighters.

The people in Kenosha can use their empty jail houses for the homeless.

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