This is funny.  Congress is experiencing what peaceful protests are like.  We have had 10 months of them. I hope they peacefully occupy Capitol Hill.  I hope the peaceful protesters didn’t go to the homes of members of Congress.

I bet Pigleosi looked fetching in her high heels and gas-mask.  Maybe the protesters got into her liquor cabinet.

I hope the peaceful protesters didn’t mess up the BLM park.


Walmart doesn’t want Trump’s supporters money.  The Walmart article is a repeat.  The management hates conservatives.

Maybe a greater force will take care of China.  Don’t count on America’s crooked government.



EMT Editor:  Are you talking about providing oxygen bottles for Pigleosi and other Congresspeople too old to take care of themselves, LL ?

Maintenance Cat:  No, I’m talking about taking care of buildings, sometimes for free room & board.  The first place is in New York City.  The poor caretaker will probably be killed when the NYC killers read this article.

The next place will be Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  The city is currently a crime ridden death trap, but maybe the arsonist won’t burn down the Fox Theater-like they tried to do at the CNN Center,  and did at the Wendy’s near the old Braves Stadium.  The Fox’s long time care taker, Joe Patten, died in 2016.

A few years ago Atlanta was one of the best run Black majority cities in the world.  Sanctuary and Liberalism are making it unlivable. Keisha, Warnock, and Stacey Abrams are the city’s best representatives.

I would give these creeps a Ball-peen hammer and tell them to call me when Stone Mountain was the size of a basketball.


  1. Hard labor would be too good for these traitors. Drop them in the Florida Everglades to find Python snakes,

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