We all know that the dems/BLM/Antifa/MSM have different protest rules.  Don’t believe anything the MSM says about the Capitol  protest.


This is a great link from the past.

Biden’s policies will kill this. 

$1,000.00 under TV mysteries.  Alex, Katie Couric is the answer.   Contestant– the answer is what perky midget worked with more sex perverts than  Ghislaine Maxwell ?


Here are some MSM high points.


The Tango Editor:  Is there interest in dancing, LL ?

Horizontal Bop Cat:  There sure is, most politicians learn early how to dance around the issues/truth.

Nixon’s VP, Spiro Agnew, was right about the news media.  You could rearrange his name to spell ” grow a penis “.

He wasn’t as good as today’s press at distortion, lies, cover-ups, omission, and twisting the truth/news.  He exposed them in several quotes.

Blasio and his wife were dancing at Times Square–everyone else was banned.

Even old-dead movie stars can keep up.

These dancers are almost mesmerizing.  We rate them as real.

This dancer has a human touch.

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