This is why convicted terrorists should have their conviction appealed to the Supremes within a month after conviction, and then be put to death.


This is a big fish.


The Time Is Now Editor:  Do you know what time is, LL ?

Tick, Tick, Tick, Cat:  I sure do, It’s natures way of keeping everything from happening at once.

Nancy Pigleosi’s nephew is close to being recalled as governor of the ex Golden State.  Maybe his time has come.

If this wasn’t sad it would be disturbing.  Off and on for 10 months rioters have targeted The White House and surrounding park.  The dems and DC Mayor Bowser did nothing.  Bowser even painted a political slogan on public property.  What a f@, they can pee up a rope.

The big accomplishment I remember from a few years ago is the DC cops killing a Black woman  with her 1 year old child in the car.  She was shot 5 times in the back.

Congress was shown standing up in session and applauding the murder.

At the 2 minute mark you can see the police are too stupid to block her car.

TTINE:  What is your point, TTTC ?

The entire DC political system is a corrupt enterprise.  I would suggest that they be investigated for RICO violations, but the FBI is also corrupt.  Coverups only breed more corruption.

This Congressdungbeetle, who is in charge of funding the Capitol Cops, is going to straighten things out.  He don’t need no stinking badges.

One thought on “THE SPHINX—TIME

  1. I hope Jonah is in the belly of that whale because WE are going to need all the Christian help we can find to combat China & the Dems.

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