This is a repeat for Nancy and the media.  They appear to be brain damaged.  Remember the dems are trying to divide Trump’s supporters.  Many readers pray for Nancy every day.

Joe has a plan.

Kamala will need the sneakers if Willie Brown calls.  She, like Michelle Obama, is a clothes-horse.  Little Red Riding Hood would have said, ” my what big feet you have Kamala. ”


International News—-Indonesian crashed plane is located.

The Isle of Mann has more Wuhan Flu cases.


Mayor Bowser didn’t need police for the Antifa/BLM riots, arsonist fires, and looting.


Trump gets another peace deal for Israel.

Here is a giant sinkhole.


The Liberal Gifts Editor:  What do our liberal/Democrat/racist buddies want to do for us today, LL ?

The Female Feline Cat:  Signs of the times are everywhere.

The best benefit from the dems is women are equal.  They are so equal that the dem men want to play sports and shower with girls and women.  Maybe people should peacefully protest at their state-houses.  The dems and MSM for some reason keep pushing males and young girls showering together.  Mothers and fathers must agree-they keep voting for them.

An even better sign of the times is letting minors have sex-change surgery.

We will miss Bob’s sign, and old neon signs.

It’s time for a good Willie.

3 thoughts on “THE SPHINX—SIGNS

  1. Oh yeah, I definitely pray for Piglosi everyday….sometimes several times a day. I pray that, if there is one cool spot in Hell, that she will be second in line.

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