If you are lucky you could win about 1.5 Billion this weekend.  You could buy 6 Senators and 20 HOR members.  Schumer will show you his little horns and cloven hooves.

We suspected all along the violence was planned.  Cops waved the crowd in, removed the 40 inch high crowd barrier, and  the MSM took down a time line comparison with the speech and violence.  The dems did it.


Welcome to our loyal readers in Gibraltar.  The airport is dangerous.


This is the oldest drawing of an American Democrat.


The Trivia Editor:  Is this about Nike, LL ?

No Slaves Here Cat:  We don’t support products made with slaves or child labor.  Swoosh and swish are best buddies, just like dems and traitors.  Nike has a swoosh, I only mention them because I don’t want confused readers.

Swish is our main topic.

I watch dogs, instead of NBA players.  I don’t know what fake is anymore, except for anything the dems and MSM report.

I was raised not to make fun of the physical appearances of people, but you can’t give the dems a break.

Kamala wears Converse Sneakers, they aren’t even close to the Nike Swooshers.  Nike doesn’t make shoes big enough for her feet.

I hope the Conservative women wear fashionable comfortable boots.


  1. I want to thank the cat for the article on January 14. My wife is away a lot. The article gives me hope,

    and a reason to get up every morning. I can dream again.

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