Welcome to our loyal readers in Vatican City, home of the Pope and a BIGgus WALLus.


This is a great idea.  Let’s erase O.J. Simpson, Bill Cosby, Obama, and both Clintons.


The Prepper Editor:  Can you answer some questions from our loyal prepper-readers, LL ?

Boy Scout Cat:   For sure.  A prepper is someone who prepares for something.

TPE:  A loyal reader in New York, New York, wants to know if you can help with preparing food, before Cuomo and Blasio run out of old people to kill and start on the healthy ones ?

Answer Cat:  You do have a problem.  Here are some general things that will be helpful.  For specific questions just use the comment section.

Some food items have many uses, cucumbers are a good example.

Things can really get depressing when the ” Awakening ” begins.  Popcorn can help restore your spirit.  Sit around the campfire, pop corn, and drink liquor.

TPE:  Are expiration dates on packages helpful, AC ?

They are, but use common sense.  Everything has a best use by time, even detergent.  Liquor, honey, and peanut butter last a long time.

Residents in large cities have one nutritious source that is often overlooked, RATS.  You can laugh now, but you can swap rat meat to democrats for more important items.  Tell them it’s Chinese chicken.  A good dog will be a great help in rat-hearding.


  1. I’m a Prepper, He’s a Prepper, She’s a Prepper, We’re all Preppers…Wouldn’t you like to be a Prepper too?

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