The Mega Millions and Power Ball lotteries are worth a fortune.  Mega Millions is drawn Tuesday night–about 850 million.

Power Ball is drawn Wednesday night—about 750 million.

The dems/msm sux, lies are their stock-in -trade.


Betty White turns 99.

Indonesia experience a strong earthquake.


Remember all of the Chip Chip cartoons are repeats.

Those old scalawags are at it again.  Say it ain’t so—Blasio.


The World Editor:  How did Tolley’s Topics-The Sphinx do in 2020,  LL ?

Everywhere Cat:  We were viewed in every country in the world ( 195 ), including several Principalities like Monaco and The Isle of Man.  Even Georgia, the country, was represented.

The NBA gets confusing.

A fool and his money are soon parted.

Speaking of passwords, Betty White was married to the game show ( Password ) host.

This is no surprise.

Tesla car drivers also hit blind people who can’t hear them.


  1. I have a yearning to reach down the throats of BLM and Antifa members.
    Then pull them inside out so their hair tickles them to death.

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