The liberal BS has almost destroyed the service academies, and the liberals hate you.  It never has been Trump, it is excellence and loving America that they hate.

AT&T owns CNN.  Here are some of the other reasons that monopolies are bad for you and all cats.

Mega Millions will pass 1 BILLION on Friday.


Melania says thanks.


The Nathan Hale Editor:   Isn’t that the state motto of New Hampshire, LL ?

New England Cat:  It sure is, we rescued it from New Hampshire.  Like the American flag, they used it as a doormat.

With the Democrats and MSM ( main stream media–including Facebook, Twitter, Apple ) trying to censor or put every Trump supporter out of business, the time might have come for a bunch of PEACEFUL PROTESTS.  Monday was MLK Jr. day, as he marched for civil rights against the Democrats in his time, it is now the time for patriots to do it again.

This is the type of protests many suggest are needed in state capitols, DC, and offices of the media and social media.  They are monopolies of unelected people running the country.  Here is a peaceful protest.

Forgiveness is a closed topic concerning the Dems and media.

Here is the Democratic Party’s Legacy.

You can read the following, previous edition of The Sphinx for recent censorship and lies. All the actions, near the bottom of this post, are going to be applied to you.

They have changed their targets from Black Americans to patriotic Americans.  It’s in their liberal beliefs.

Tulsi was right, but stuck with the Democratic party–go figure.


    • Sure they were….remember when they wore the white pointed hats and covered themselves in robes. They just had to be more secretive in the old days. Nowadays, as they openly HATE white people…from PINO Biden, Piglosi, Satan Schumer, etc on down, they no longer have a need to be secretive. In the old days they burned crosses…now they just burn churches and rip up State of the Union Speeches on national TV as they are applauded by their ignorant minions.

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