Here is more truth about America’s government and media.  Many HOR members, Senators, and Biden are bought and paid for by their MSM.

This is great.


Trump says ” Go with God “.

Lost Angeles loves their pedophiles—liberalism is the future.


The Mary Jane Editor:  Is your title a take-off on fries with your burger, LL ?

These Marijuana Buds are For You Cat:  It sure is.  You can get some Ganja with your vaccine.  This is what made America great.  When you read the origin of Ganja sort out the liberal BS.

These guys will be running the DC government.  The late Mayor Marion Barry, a cocaine addict while in office, would be proud.  He was reelected after serving his prison term for his first cocaine crimes.  He would still be better than Bowser.

TMJE:  Do your reporters ever use drugs, TMBAFYC ?

They sometimes use catnip, I swear they sound like Pigleosi, AOC, and Tlaib arguing over how to kill American Jews.  Amigo sprays them with the garden hose.

This is no surprise.

The dems hate soldiers, except when they need to come out from under their desks.

Name Chip Chip’s parents.  I would name them Fitch and Bido.


  1. I am going to name Chip Chip’s parents….Ozarlean & Richard….named after an under-appreciated couple from my young days.

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