The Liberal/Radical New York Times says to wear TWO-2-dos, face masks.  What a joke.  The second link is the truth.

Here is Biden with his broken foot.

The Chinese want the Taiwan real estate.  Will Joe sell out the free Chinese ?


Speaking of Disney, they are number 2 of my information monopolies.


This is what conservatives think of Biden and his unity lies.  Informed readers know unity is crap.

Biden has conquered the Wuhan Flu.


The Rich People Editor:  What do you have for our loyal readers today, LL ?

Houses That Our Readers Paid For Cat:  These are mostly houses that our readers paid for by purchasing items from the rich people or their companies.  The first is an exception, and we for sure hope nothing like this happens to our politicians/or other rich people.

Tommy sold a lot of shirts.

Putin stole more money than Obama ( Netflix job ).

Here is Britney’s former house.

K’s houses came from Willie and her husband.

Another rich person is leaving Hollywood.

I wonder why Bezos, Dorsey, Zuckerberg, and the other BILLIONAIRES aren’t doing this ?

Where would we be without dreamers ?


  1. I love the idea of PINO Biden and V-PINO Harris wearing two masks. But, they can still breathe…. TRI-MASKING would be a good fashion trend for them.

  2. I wish someone would put a sack over Nancy’s head.
    She is scary ugly ! How ugly ?
    So ugly her mama used to breast feed her through a straw

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