This is wonderful.  The R’s should take every Executive Order to the Supremes.


Trump lets police rest at his hotel.

Biden rolls back more Trump policies.


The Olympics are on again.  If the Summer Games could be held in raw sewage in Rio, surely a virus is no problem.  Don’t call me Shirley.

More lies are coming.


The Dumb Editor:  What does Cat’s Paw mean, LL ?

History Cat:  That’s when someone uses someone else to do something, like being a dupe.  As our loyal readers know only Democrats are lower on the Cat Despised Chart than monkeys.  The Cat’s Paw story originated with monkeys.

Every time I see Joe and Doctor Jill, I think of two monkeys picking lice off each other.  Don’t let any political party or msm use you as a cat’s paw.

That is an opening for my second topic–Bodega.  In New York City, despite all attempts to make them sound fashionable they remain small-rat infested-death traps.  You will be robbed or killed.

There are two ways to have a safe bodega, have this employee or a cat.  Sometimes you have to act like a man.

Cats also protected the grain in storage when Joseph saved Egypt. This Chip Chip is for our new readers.

TDE:  With all the shootings, stabbings, burned buildings, rapes, robberies, riots, carjackings, and some major crimes is there anywhere in NYC to go, HC ?

Mickey D’s Cat:  The politicians have armed security to protect them, their families, friends, relatives, school friends, and pets.  If you want to be safe go to McDonald’s.  This is one of our favorite old videos.  Amigo sold a thousand rebars to our loyal readers.

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