Let Biden lock down DC like a Concentration Camp, and let things crash.  We haven’t heard from Pennsylvania yet.


Troops are still in DC to keep patriots from protesting.  Maybe the patriots can peacefully protest at all streets/highways leading into DC, during the illegal impeachment.

This is in Biden’s mind.


Democrats in America want to free the monkeys, and give them voting rights.

I would like to put the Congressional Democrats on this until they told the truth.  Don’t look down.  The highest point is your current take-home-pay.  The low point is minus about one thousand dollars for voting Democratic.


The Hong Kong Editor:  Our friends in Hong Kong want to know how the New York City—Washington D.C. government cartels work, LL.

Answer Cat:  They work like the oil cartels that started in the 1970’s.  They band together and set a price, no negotiations.

THKE:  That sounds like America’s Media-including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, and the others, AC.

Freedom Cat:  It’s the same, they control what news is released, but it is all fake.  These Billionaires have all the money anyone could want so their next goal is power–as in taking votes away from anyone not a Dung Beetle Democrat.

THKE:  It sounds like they are politically-economically inbred, FC.  They swap roles from businesses in New York to politicians in D.C.  They seem to be out of touch with any regular person, it’s almost like they are psychotic.

Liberty Cat:  They have lost touch with reality.  Here is a smaller example, that is easier to follow.  The title is how to take over California.  The California Plan is being established in D.C., since Joe’s stolen election.

This is Hill-arious.  Hillgal deleted over 30,000 emails, and cleaned three computers.  The DOJ/MSM is for the rich, Antifa, BLM, and politicians.

Everyone needs an air horn.

Dr. Fauci is the highest paid government employee, paid with tax money.  Biden’s Chinese gifts don’t count.

Fauci’s earnings were exactly how many people his policies helped kill, as of last Wednesday.

RIP Cloris Leachman.

Don’t let your freedom slip away.  You need to peacefully protest like us Kongers.  The commie dems might shoot you.

One thought on “THE SPHINX—ANSWERS

  1. Dr Fauci is, and has always been , Vaccinator Bill Gates’ pit bull. All government salaries should have been adjusted in accordance with the economy of the state, city, etc. in which they were elected to serve. In that case, there would have been no shut-down. It would not have bothered my President Trump, because he took no salary.

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