Our loyal readers in the North East should watch the weather.


Can you tell which city is the capital of America ?

Joe hears voices.


Every extra attorney in America is working on the Bryant copter crash.  Avenatti and Sidney Powell might be brought in as relief attorneys, like the sixth and seventh men on a basketball team.  Bill Clinton might fly out just to get away from you know who.

The Sphinx largely missed the PETA charges.  So far Dung Beetles are safe.


The Foreign Editor:  Halil a loyal reader in Herzegovina wants to know if you have any new robot,android,cyborg updates, LL ?

Bosnia + Cat:  I sure do.  That is a beautiful area.

Getting back to robots, the dancing robots have an updated article.  Boston Dynamics used the project to develop and refine new technology.  Our racing fans might remember when NASCAR did the same for new car technology.  Since BLM has started running the media all NASCAR can do is cry real tears about ropes used to pull down garage doors.

This new article will be a real financial bonanza for its creators.  The Chairman of the Board says that the U.S. Congress has already ordered one for each HOR member and Senator.  With all the talk of eroticism and erections, Nancy and Chuck must be full of anticipation.

TFE:  Who paid for the androids, B+C ?

They were paid for by TAXPAYER’S MONEY from the Congressional Sex Abuse Office for employees sexually assaulted by HOR members and/or Senators.

TFE:  Does the android company feel comfortable with the safety of Sophia, B+C ?

They sure do, Dr. Jill has one that looks just like Joe.  It has more realistic facial expressions, and even speaks Chinese.  She doesn’t have to worry about problems like this.  These are two dems, with a bonus song included.

The dems are on an impeachment high.  One correction is that Nixon was never impeached, he resigned.

I almost forgot Chip Chip’s repeat.


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