RIP Cicely Tyson.

February is Black History Month.  All Americans should peacefully protest like BLM.  The following article is Cat-Checked to be LIBERAL  BS.


Biden is a cat’s paw for the media, including the social media monopolies.

I pray for Biden every day.


Yellen is another Biden pinko.


I Lost A Bunch Editor:  How can I get rich quick, LL ?  I lost a fortune short-selling GameStop stock.

Fat Cat:  You were gambling with other people’s money.  Too bad.  You should have watched more Popeye cartoons. Poor people only have two participants.  Wimpy was always kind of short-selling.  Another form for poor people is borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.

Nancy might rescue the stock market failures.

You could always invest in Pigleosi’s favorite ice cream.


  1. Good morning Lois Lion: I hope Piglosi does not hear about your song for today. If she hears the word FLOYD, she will drag out her Kente cloth scarf/mask set and some poor soul will have to pick the old witch off her knees again.

    Not me, I would just slide her over beside the statue of the Democrat idol & KKK Grand Wizard, Robert Byrd and leave her there.

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