Cuomo only reported a fraction of his nursing home deaths, or as they would say about Trump—-murders.

This is more true than you think.

The Biden Chronicles.


Here is the news.  ABC SUX.  The third link is the falsified comment done by ABC.


These guys are on the way.

Joe/Kamala are as crooked as Hill & Bill.


Dos Equis Editor:  Will Spanish for two be OK, LL ?

The Roman Cat:  Pizza and DE are a treat.  I include these videos for the Second Amendment.

Will Three masks be enough?  Three is also the number of hired minorities at work in the West Wing of the White House.

The Slave Master is Biden.  41 is us.

Pigleosi makes more money from Congress members being exempt from insider trading laws.  What a skank.

Merriam Webster updates word.

Speaking of white, the Great White Shark is selling his Florida Mansion.

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