What is going on at Fort unBliss, Texas ?

Here is another view of the California highway collapse.


Six weeks to go.  Joe has made it 14 days.

Here is another public scamming hog.


The Earth Editor:  Are you looking forward to Ground Hog Day, LL ?

Celtic Cat:  I feel bad for the creature.  They poke him awake with a stick and then make a big to-do.  I would like to poke Pigleosi and Schumer out of their viper pit with a cattle prod.  Here is some history of ole Pux.

Nancy’s Nephew opens the Golden State.

God closes Highway 1, near Big Sur.

Speaking of rodents, this is what a HOR member thinks of the people who elected her.  I can’t speak to her sex-gender-preference-color-race-preference or ugliness, so that leaves one thing.

Cowboys/girls should stop voting for people just because they wear the same hats.

One thought on “THE SPHINX—GROUNDHOG DAY 02-02-21

  1. Good morning Lois Lion…that is not really a highway collapse in California. I heard from a good source that Hunter Biden was digging a tunnel to China, he (AIN’T) real smart you know. After The Big Man, PINO Biden stole the election, Hunter stopped digging & insists that China deliver his money bags to The Lincoln bedroom.

    The plan works fine, as long as he does not disturb Al Sharpton, who has moved back in.

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