Our God Given Rights




Sleazy, Creepy, Lying dog face pony soldier, Joe.

When we had that Great President Donald J. Trump, I would hear nearly every day on the TV comments being made about how he lied.  It always came from the Left.  They would continually say that he always lied.  I don’t think he lied, when he said he was going to do something, he would do it.  
Now, what I want to know is what you would call this, in the utube below? Joe has done this for so many years, he does not know any other way. It comes so natural to him. The Right will go along with it, they think it is ok for Old Joe to spew out lies, one after another.  For example, when he told people during his campaign that he would not stop fracking,  or that he never talked to Hunter about what he did while on the Board of Burisma.  
Please view this short utube. 


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