Subject: Fwd:  H.R. 127 Firearms Registration Legislation

This proposed legislation is a clear violation of the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution!

Below is a brief synopsis of the key provisions of this legislation:

     H.R. 127

A bill introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives (01/04/2021)

By Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee [D-TX-18]

To provide for the licensing of firearms and ammunition possession and the registration of firearms, and to prohibit the possession of certain ammunition.

Some of the provisions are:

·         Create a national database of ALL firearms with in the United States.

·         Requires a license to possess a firearm or ammunition. (including antique  firearms)

·         Requires a separate license for “Military Style Weapons” to include training certified by the Attorney General.

·         Psychological evaluation by licensed psychologists approved by the Attorney General.

·         Firearm insurance ($800 per year paid to the Federal Gov’t.)

·         Unlawful to sell, give or loan a firearm or ammunition unless the Attorney General is notified.

·         Penalties to include: Fines up to $150,000 AND no less than 15 years in prison.

·         A ban on .50 caliber and larger ammunition (no exception for black powder ammunition).

·         A ban on magazines of larger than 10 round capacity.

PLEASE, Contact your Congressman to oppose this bill.

Also, please pass this along to anyone you know that supports the Second Amendment.



3 thoughts on “H.R. 127……FIRST STEP TO CONFISCATION

  1. Thanks for being a world of information about this, thanks for taking time to make us aware of American politics and our rights to freedom to bear arms

    • I thank you for being a part of Tolley’s Topics. People truly need to call their congressmen/women. ONLY one thing gets the attention of an elected official, their fear of not being re-elected.

  2. The confiscation of guns is top priority for the demorats it has been this ay for at least 5 decades. And the best way to confiscate guns is to have them registered with the Federal Govt. so when the time is right all they have to do is come to your home and bust down the door and take them.
    We need to FIGHT THIS ALL THE WAY TO THE SUPREME COURT and hope they agree that it is unconstitutional.

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