It’s Karma, really !

Joe is a busy little swamp toady.


Take this for what it is worth.


This is not about Kamala.


You can color everyone Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, or other.


The Same Editor:  What is the difference, LL ?

Not Me Cat:  After money, difference makes the world go around.  I couldn’t find the origin, but here are others just as interesting.

The differences between male and female are pretty simple, for an open minded person.  Their bodies are designed for different things.  Liberals try to undermine nature, family, and social norms.  Trans-anyone competing against females is just an attempt to destroy women.  Here are some results of boys in high school competing against women in the Olympics.

It isn’t even close-that’s the difference.  Any male that would compete against a female in a sanctioned event already has personal problems.  Here are two great tennis players, one is probably the best female tennis player in history, they couldn’t come close to beating the 203rd best male pro-player.

Texas is trying.

Guess Alica’s sex and win a virtual trip to the Olympics.

Embryos protest Google.

Chuck, Joe, and Nancy-what a thruple.

Here is Tommy playing a Democrat–the truth doesn’t make any difference.

The difference is Liberals want to ram their failed policies into you.

Jack Cassidy made a good villain.  Trump should have had Colombo as head of the FBI, and Jack as Attorney General.


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