Webster is doing their best.  This is a repeat.

This is a new feature for our loyal readers–The Psaki Files, it’s like the old James Garner TV show.


Fox is turning into the Democratic Party.  Newsmax appears to be the next place for the truth.


The Super Bowl Is Not So Super Editor:  What happened to the Super Bowl, LL?

The Average Bowl Cat:  Excellence and quality have been replaced with diversity.  It is just a diverse average bowl now.  Here are some advertisers that aren’t even going to be there.

TSBINSSE:  That is hard to believe, TABC.  Coca~Cola has been advertising since cocaine was an ingredient.  That’s funny, your initials are Tab.

Here are drugs that at various times were over-the-counter or out of the back of the snake-oil wagon.  Laudanum  ( Opium ) was given to teething-babies.

Ford and The Budweiser Horses will be absent.  These are emergency fill-in horses laughing at Biden trying to take America back to 1950.

The half time show is a joke.

Photos of old shows.

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