This is BS.  You don’t open the borders to millions of illiterate, flu carrying illegals if you have a money & housing problem.  They will be put back into Obama/Biden’s dog cages.  Did you notice that the Federal Reserve Banks have joined the social change movement ?

Here is another Biden/Obama voter.


This was when Woody was funny.

Cuomo sends the Death Squads to Rhode Island looking for sick Jews with the Wuhan Flu that escaped his Death Senior Homes in New York.


The Royal/Epstein Diary.


The German Editor:  What is schadenfreude, for our non-German speaking loyal readers, LL ?

Berlin Cat:  That’s German, here are the pronunciation and meaning.

TGE:  How did you choose this subject, BC ?

I saw an old Tonight Show, on TV, about interviewing men in the street.

This is about as truthful as the media gets.

Anyway, many people we interviewed said with everything being lies that schadenfreude was their best political entertainment.  One person said that he hoped a Tesla wouldn’t explode in a garage and kill 3 generations of a politician’s family.

This should NOT thrill the MSM.  If Joe falls short of required death quotas–he might have to call Cuomo in as temporary Grim Reaper to increase the death rate.  The DNC’s comment was, that is 22,000 more Democratic votes for 2022.

Can any reader tell the ending to this drama ?   You have to combine the two exciting, action filled, episodes.

Add Biden to the drama, he is repeating an old lie that has been debunked many times over the years.  Biden, Hillgal, and Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal ( Hanoi Dick ) have been shot at more times than Audie Murphy.

Who would have thought–James Cagney dancing.


  1. In my combination of the two dramas–Roy Batty saves AOC from falling to her death and turns her over to Cuomo to recuperate in one of his nursing homes.

  2. The U.S. will kidnap, incarcerate, and silence Prince Andrew (like they did Epstein) if that is what it takes to keep the facts on Slick Willy Clinton secret.

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