ON MY SOAPBOX…One-Trick Pony



When I was young, so many years ago, we insulted others with words like cry-baby, tattletale, jerk, liar, teacher’s pet, square, goofball, stupid, wimp, idiot, sissy, etc. Seldom, if ever, would we  have used words like Son-of-a-Bitch and Bastard. We believed in our heart that the “F” word would have sent us straight to hell.

Now, as an adult, I am searching for the correct word for PINO Biden. Even with access to an on-line thesaurus and a dictionary so old that it still has little pictures, I cannot find words strong enough to explain my disgust for the: SENILE, PLAGARIZING, LYING, CREEPY, DISREPECTFUL, SOCIALIST-COMMUNIST, OLD FOOL.

I am sure you recall the incredible respect that President Donald Trump had for our military. He stopped walking, stood before them and saluted them before climbing aboard Air Force One.

Remember when the hat was blown from the Marine’s head? President Trump picked the hat up and placed it back on his head.

The following picture shows you the difference between an arrogant president and a humble president.

Image result for trump picks up hat for marine

Now…watch PINO Biden in the little clip below:

At :22…He salutes the officer as if it were an aggravation or an after thought.

At :26…He stumbles. (I repeatedly enjoyed that part until my computer crashed.)

At :34…Watch closely for this one! The Senile Old Fool plagiarizes Donald Trump’s famous Thumbs-Up/ Wave Combination. That was Donald Trump’s Greeting and Signature.

PINO Biden can do NOTHING on his own. NOTHING!

A One-Trick Pony is one that has success only once. PINO Biden has never and will never be successful at anything.

He was not elected, he was selected, because of his name recognition.

PINO Biden is a cardboard cut-out of a One-Trick Pony. 

Image result for cardboard cut out of a pony

“Since PINO Biden is incapable of everything, without  plagiarizing, I am going to write his first State of the Union Speech for him. I am going to write if from the position of him being under hypnosis after being injected with a truth serum. 

This is gonna be great fun…..Pack a lunch, it will be a long Soapbox…but Trump Lovers will love it!”


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