Don’t believe anything about wearing masks—have you forgotten the Antifa/BLM riots where thousands were maskless and it was OK?  If your immune system is already compromised that’s a different story.


The Jen Psaki Files.  Hunter/Joe have been avoiding prosecution for years.  Elections have consequences.

This is how the election was stolen.  About 10 counties in the sanctuary states turned their electoral votes.


This is a job that Obama, Biden, Schiff, Nadler, or Schumer could handle.


Our readers in the North and East should watch the weather.


The Bekins Editor:   Who is moving, LL ?

Mayflower Cat:  A bunch of politicians are moving.  Mikey is going to try a new opportunity.

Jeff Zucker is moving from CNN ( owned by AT&T ) to Cirque du Soleil.  He will be a roach.

Another Jeff ( Bezos ) is making a horizontal move.  He will still be in charge of Amazon, but his replacement will have to attend Senate Love-Fests.  Bezos’ first task is to remove all graves and monuments of America’s Founding Fathers to an unnamed country.

If the R’s can out steal the D’s this guy would make a good President.

Trump moves on from the SAG-AFTRA Union.

Every Board Member of the MSM and social media should be tried, convicted of election fraud, and have all of their property given to the poor.

The Liberal States can’t even get people vaccinated.  Tell Cuomo the vaccines are cyanide and he will get the job done.

This mental giant needs a good attorney.  Bill & Hill aren’t working.

Schumer wants more money.  I have to rest this song after today.  It’s synchronicity.

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