Hi, to our loyal reader Jasbir Chatterjee.  Some of our loyal readers might want to know more about the bindi.


Impeachment two.

Here is Bruce’s crime.

The Liberal Democrats are coming for you next.


Carlin 58 years ago.

The NBA and Dallas Mavericks can go to China.  We want our public financed stadiums and arenas back—-NOW.


The Ruski Editor:  Is this about the Russian Novel, LL ?

Jurist Cat:  No, I read where the book is 576 pages long, the last Flu bill passed by Congress was almost 6,000 pages.  Not one HOR member or Senator read it.  My topic is about actual forms of punishment,  To be honest even a sleazy attorney like Obama could make a good case for using these methods.  You gotta love those Romans.

TRE:  Those Romans certainly had a way with punishment, JC.

No Bull Cat:  They sure did, but the ancient Greeks were no slackers.

TRE:  I bet the Catholic Church stopped all the terrible deeds when they took over, NBC.

Look at those initials.  NBC owned by Comcast, for a modest fee, would televise the Catholic cleansing.  All of the social and MSM skanks would broadcast them.

TRE:  What did your polls show would be a fair punishment for the depraved scum of the Earth, not quite humans that tried to overthrow a President ?

We used science, we asked Democrats what they would do to average Americans and we will apply the answer to the dems.

We will give the traitors a choice between being banished with everyone in their family to this location or being keelhauled ?

Latitude: -90.0° S
Longitude: 0.0°

Keelhauling might be too lenient a punishment for the people trying to destroy America.


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