The RNC needs to get Trump to be their ambassador and campaign to defeat every Republican that voted for impeachment who runs in 2022.  He should also work to rid the Republican Party of Swamp Creature influencers like Nikki.  Several HOR members and 6 Senators need replacement ( 2 Senators are retiring-probably to lobby for China ).

These skanks should have been politicians.


DeSantis is doing his part.

Remember the false video that got our people killed in Libya.  (  Obama & Hillgal )


The News Editor:  What progress has America made recently, LL ?

Kung Fu Cat:  De Blasio is going to return NYC to its former grandeur.  He covered up the dead bodies in the streets, for which Cuomo was responsible ( with snow ).  That gave him room to have some dancers do Kung Fu exercises.  Only 3 million more Yorkers need jobs.

Kwai Chang Caine might be only one, of a few, who can walk the streets safely.

Speaking of safety, Chicago only had 3261 people shot last year.  A mere 769 were murdered.

The reason the sanctuary states want to do away with mathematics, math for our dem readers, is so the people can’t count their odds of getting killed.

Here is more proof that mathematics is a White peoples game.  Even worse, a blonde discovered it.

So many politicians want a piece of the pie or to wet their beak, that money isn’t left for services.

These companies want to take away your guns, while leaving the border open for MS 13 murderers to come in and kill you and your families.  So far the politicians are hiding behind armed troops in DC.  Are there enough troops to protect their homes ?  Some companies are hiding behind other names ( Alphabet, Inc. includes Google ), (  AT&T, includes  a bunch ).

Biden news.


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