Cuomo is the dems poster boy—much like Bill Clinton.  He needs a nonprofit charity.  Schumer could be the CFO.


Amazon begins CENSORING the books it sells.

Joe will help you.  Maybe he will give all but one home to the poor, and all but 1 million yuan.  He will for sure give your rights away, if you let him.




The Travel Editor:  Is Bizarre World like Disney World, LL ?

It’s The Future Cat:  It will be, the main difference is alligators won’t eat you at BW.  Disney had been open about 40 years in Florida and alligators were still a problem.  Most of the staff were probably too busy changing the facts for ABC News to worry about gators.

TTE:  Why should people visit Bizarre World, ITFC ?

Have Fun Cat:  They won’t have to put up with fools.  Biden is going to make K-6 children learn by swimming with pods of porpoises.  He said he would also show stupid Black and Brown people how to get on the internet.  The comments are at about 5:30 and about 14 minutes into the interview.

Ore-goners are making up for Iowa’s unwokeness by banning the white-racist-supremist-terrorist science of mathematics.  Evidently business will be conducted without numbers—it is similar to when the musician Prince changed his name to a symbol and no one knew how to refer to him.

Unnamed sources say business will be done by swapping chickens and worthless degrees from Harvard.  Politicians will continue to take bribes in vacations or Bitcoins.  Send bribes to all retired Democratic politicians in care of Netflix.

TTE:   Are you going to mention the Whiteness Scale, HFC ?

Thanks, I almost forgot.  I was so busy reading the weather-scale that another red-orange-yellow-blue-green-etc. scale confused me.

If you want to send reparations send—Black ones to Al Sharpton/Lincoln Bedroom @White House–Asian ones to Chinese Embassy Attn: Joe/Hunter Biden—Brown ones to–Any welcome station between San Diego and El Paso Attn:  Julio or Maria.

Welcome back.  Joe and Kamala have your dog cages ready, for the little ones.

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