It’s here, our White readers can now get some peace.

Gaga’s dogs are returned.  She is trying to renege on the reward.  Give the reward.


Arrive alive, the life you save may be your own.


Everything you need to know about masks.


The Current Events Editor:  What is your first item, LL ?

Beach Cat:  The German Women’s Beach Volleyball team protested until they were approved to wear the traditional bikini uniforms.  The Qatarians relented and permitted the tiny bikinis.

One thing the forceful women did agree to was to have one of my old travel outfits ( when I was covering the war back in 2005 ) stowed in their luggage.  You can’t be too careful with Joe in office.

Does anyone believe the Ark of the Covenant is here.

TCEE:  Have people or other animals been in the Americas longer,  BC ?

Wolves and dogs were here first or not.

No one can question the bonds formed between dogs and humans.  Biden’s dog broke ole Joe’s foot, what a shame.  He should be careful on Air Force One’s steps.

We sure hope this incident doesn’t foretell of crimes against the rich, famous, and politicians.  With Trump out of office it frees up 100 agents ( from making-up evidence ) to investigate state crimes.

We know Joe supports men participating in women’s sports and shower facilities.  Does he sniff the hair of men ?  Does the White House have 9 different restrooms for the different genders ?


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