CPAC news.


I was taught not to criticize people with health issues, an enemy of America is an exception.


Biden immediately gives the medal to traitor John Kerry to throw over the reinforced White House Fence.

What is going on here ?


Trump will keep working for MAGA.


The Warm Weather Editor:  Are there important things going on, LL ?

Other Things Cat:  There are a lot.  The R’s just had their CPAC meeting in Orlando.  I’m tired of politics.  I hope Trump’s policies continue to take over the old Republican DC Swamp Creature agenda.  Over 70 million Americans want secure borders, Make America Great Again (MAGA), made in America products-especially critical products, and a strong military.

I hope Trump visits every state registering and motivating the people.  I hope the R’s have strong candidates to run against officials who voted for impeachment or for D’s programs.

They  want products critical to our survival made in America.  The billions of dollars from China influence what our colleges and universities teach and produce–never mind their GENOCIDE/SLAVE problem.  Hunter still has the Chinese deal.

This is a read-bump, kind of like a speed bump in residential areas to slow Tiger Woods down.  It gives our loyal readers a kind-of-break.

China says Trump left a note that the Democrats preferred anal swabs over regular SARS-CoV-2 test.

Here is a great Trump moment.  Biden just bombed Syria 02-26-21.

Trump was called a murderer for killing the terrorist, he said they could call him any name.

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