Biden says genocide is just the way the Chinese are.


I wrote an article about body mutilations a few days ago.  People cause half of their own problems.

Will Cuomo get the Joe Biden/Bill Clinton sexual abuse treatment or the Harvey Weinstein ?  It takes the pressure off of the senior deaths–( about 15,000 ).  I wonder !!   He needs judge sullivan ( from DC ).


Here is a new place for people other than DemocRATS.

Here are some Democrat stars at their best.


The Pueblo Editor:  Are cats afraid of heights, LL ?

One Step At A Time Cat:  No, but we do have trouble climbing trees, because our claws only go one way.  We are to stupid to back down.  Here are some steps that look like fun, if you are a mountain goat.

Goats seem best adapted to do tough climbing.  You would think that the locals would put out salt-licks for the goats, like people do for cattle and other animals.

Early North Americans could also climb.

One day the Pueblos just left.

Here is a great buggy.


2 thoughts on “ THE SPHINX—HEIGHTS

  1. Gonna get me two dags
    Name one “Smith”
    The other “Wesson”
    Might also get me some polyethylene, a naked girl and some “Wesson Oil” and
    slide all the way to the moon. No demo-rats there you know!

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