Here is the Sphinx’s first sponsored story—the sponsors are ( DEMOCRATS ) 4-letter-word Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, MSM,and Joe Biden.  They killed these people, like hundreds of others each year.  These deaths are a sad story, but unnecessary, they reopened the border to everyone.


The Derek Chauvin trial is scheduled for March 8.  CNN needs to open a 24 hour special trial channel.  BLM needs to stock up on Molotov Cocktails.  I’m beginning to think that Pigleosi & Feinstein own a Barb/Razor wire company.

What will be Andy’s Fate ?  Will judge sullivan make him eat a taco ?


Commie Sue is practicing for the trial.


The Roman Editor:  What are you writing about, LL ?

Confused Cat:  Why things happen.

I do believe in Fate.  I saw it in one of the best TV series of all time.

All of the things like, fate, free will, luck, chance, probability, destiny, karma, etc., are pretty confusing for a cat.  Another one is Astrology.  Maybe Cassius was right.

This could be all of the above—who is sane enough to share the power to destroy the world.  Have a committee, group, pod, class, team, or who ever ?  You couldn’t get them to agree in the 5 minutes it takes an ICBM to kill everyone.

This is just a way to further neutralize America’s power.

The dems in Congress want to take over Presidential powers, and be Commander in Chief.  They want us all to be equal.


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