One of Kamala’s nominees was too hateful even for the dems.  She will return in a temporary something or other position that doesn’t require Senate approval.

Joe Hiden has set a 100 year old record.


Here is more good immigration news.


It’s the climate.

This is why you don’t make exceptions.  This deserter should be in Leavenworth Prison.  Every one is getting like politicians—they never go away ( see Clintons–Mueller-Newt Gingrich ).  They are like herpes or Jane Fonda.


The Racist Editor:  Has your doomsday opinion of America changed, LL ?

Answer Cat:  I think America is dooming at the present, you can call it what you like.  I just report things for the entertainment value.  This is for our new readers—America’s position is at about 11 minutes into this tape—doomsday is almost here.

The once leader of the free world has its capitol surrounded by razor-wire and armed troops, its border is open to any terrorist in the world.  Here is the Democrat President.

TRE:  Is Doctor Suess racist, AC ?

His books sure are.  Here are two people protesting the racism.

TRE:  Do you know why so many CNN, MSNBC, NYT, and Washington post news people are volunteering for duty in China, AC ?


TRE:  Are Alec Baldwin and his wife crazy ?

Yes, if you recall, his wife claimed she was Spanish because she flew over Spain years ago.  The truth came out a few weeks ago.  Another disturbing thing is they keep getting babies, but won’t explain if they are adopted, surrogate, or cloned.  His wife had a baby in September and now another new baby appears.

I’m glad this wasn’t D.C.

Taylor Swift is glad it wasn’t Netflix.

Kamala is pretty quiet about politicians and sex.

I think Mitt Romney got his black eye tripping over Biden’s dog.

This is for the New York Romeo, Don Juan, an all around playful guy.


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