ON MY SOAPBOX…I gotta do what?



Thor Heyerdahl was a Norwegian adventurer. Heyerdahl is notable for his Kon-Tiki expedition in 1947, in which he sailed 5,000 miles across the Pacific Ocean in a hand-built raft from South America to the Tuamotu Islands. The expedition was designed to demonstrate that ancient people could have made long sea voyages, creating contacts between societies.

I do not wish to appear more intelligent than I am because my readers love me for being simple minded. So I confess….I do not recall having ever heard of Thor Heyerdahl in my entire life. 

I am sure of this one fact. If anyone had made a statue of Thor, in America, it would have been defaced with spray paint by the BLM Artists, beheaded and tossed into the ocean. Simply because, being from Norway, Thor would have matched the lighter colors on the Sherwin Williams paint chart, if you know what I mean. (wink, nod)

The only reason I stumbled across Thor Heyerdahl’s name is because I read a quote from him that I appreciate.

“Progress is man’s ability to complicate simplicity.”
-Thor Heyerdahl-

The reason I appreciate Thor’s words of wisdom is because I have one of the new and improved, agitator-free washing machines. They use less water. I like that….I am a Conservative, you know. 

On the down side, I must Wash my Washing Machine occasionally or it will smell as if “it used less water when washing my clothes.” My manual recommends Tide cleaner, so I use any brand other than Tide because I like to spread the wealth around.

My dishwasher also requires a special Washing now.

All this, in the name of progress. As my newfound friend, Thor Heyerdahl pointed out:

Let’s complicate simplicity.

( I am considering buying a new vacuum cleaner, but I will keep the old one just in case I have to…..

Vacuum my new Vacuum.)


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5 thoughts on “ON MY SOAPBOX…I gotta do what?

  1. It is a truly crazy world we are living in. I am glad I am nearing the end of my Journey, I would hate to see what another 70 years might bring. “You know what I mean Vern”.

  2. Every Saturday afternoon when I was a kid my friends and I would go to the movie theater because it was cheap entertainment, For only $0.25 we would see a double feature plus a few animated cartoons and a news reel. I can still remember seeing the original movie “Kon-Tiki”, that was made about Thor Heyerdahl’s trip. It received an Oscar for the best documentary, and is available on YouTube. That would have been in 1950, when I was seven years old.

    • I was born in 1951 and cannot remember the name, Thor Heyerdahl. Oscars do not impress me…but who knows…one day, maybe I will become more intellectual. I can only hope. BUT..I love his quote.

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