The people need to peacefully shut down Washington D.C.– every road leading into the metro area–not the occupied capitol.

I hope the R’s are taking the Executive Orders to court.

Our loyal readers should know by now that the dems & media will lie, kill, and cheat to keep the border open, bankrupt the country, let everyone vote, destroy the family, and destroy the Constitution.  Those are their goals.  As Reggie Jackson would say– China is their straw that stirs the drink.


Some of this is a repeat.  It’s too entertaining to read only once.  Say it ain’t so Cuomo.


Chip Chip can see the future, this is from August, 2020.


Every One Editor:  What are you talking about, LL ?

Muckraker Cat:  That is part of an old rumor mongering-muckraking on air personality from around the forties.  Today he would win every award for honesty and integrity.  Here is a sample of the olden days.

EOE:  Are you writing about everything today, MC ?

No, just some rumors my West Coast Reporters are uncovering.  What is going on with traffic ?  For the past year the only people able to drive have been dope smugglers, murderers released because of Covid, and people smuggling under age sex slaves from you know where.  The death rate is terrible–almost as high as Democrat Chicago.

The only people safe are HOR members and Senators.  They are hiding under their wet-bars in their offices.

I’m sure Tiger wouldn’t be smuggling illegals, but maybe he was kidnapped.

Biden and Nancy should pay for the funerals.

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