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Help rid the party of Lincoln of RINO’S.


The Democrats have your back.


This is probably my last Derek Chauvin news until the riots begin.

The states controlled by Republicans should make changes while they can.

Can Andy come out and play ?

It would be a treat to see Nancy’s nephew kicked out of office, then prosecuted.


This is great news.  I hope the Dumpty link applies to Cuomo.

You can wear your masks forever, unless you turn criminal.


This is a metaphor of how stupid Pigleosi & Schumer think you are with their 5,000 page laws.  The zoo was probably expecting democrat Biden visitors.  After 6 months of the MSM reporting this as a wolf the dem voters would believe it.

CNN and MSNBC would sound like this.

The other side sux.


The Fortune Telling Editor:  What did you try to tell Americans, LL ?

Chicken Little Not Cat:  I warned the lefties what was coming, but they listen to the MSM.  It wasn’t a Disney production.  I can see all the putrid HOR members and Senators in the cartoon, even one getting cooties washed from her hair.

I warned the creeps years ago that when the sanctuary states stopped enforcing laws that it would catch on.  Here is a Hollywood shoot and grab.

In Chi-town you get shot by drive bys while sleeping in your bed or driving on the freeway.  The ritzy Gold Coast has joined the crime list. I hope it doesn’t spread to politicians.

In New York even the pigeons are killing each other.  Cuomo was too busy taking care of the elderly, and making playful sexual acts with women who worked for him to be a good example for the poor Columbiformes ( pigeons ).

Lady Gaga’s dog walker was shot, and the little rats were dog-napped.  Before long the communist in Dream Land will be hiding behind their walls and fences like they did when the Manson Family quit obeying the law.

Nancy and the rest of Congress will want 24 hour armed guards at their mansions and Ice Cream Freezers.  Feinstein will want protection for her Chinese Communist employees.  Dianne was the main traitor lynching Justice Kavanaugh.

Here is a rising star from Pike County, Zebulon, Georgia, USA.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

NGC 1499: The California Nebula
Image Credit & Copyright: Yannick Akar

Explanation: Could Queen Calafia‘s mythical island exist in space? Perhaps not, but by chance the outline of this molecular space cloud echoes the outline of the state of California, USA. Our Sun has its home within the Milky Way’s Orion Arm, only about 1,000 light-years from the California Nebula. Also known as NGC 1499, the classic emission nebula is around 100 light-years long. On the featured image, the most prominent glow of the California Nebula is the red light characteristic of hydrogen atoms recombining with long lost electrons, stripped away (ionized) by energetic starlight. The star most likely providing the energetic starlight that ionizes much of the nebular gas is the bright, hot, bluish Xi Persei just to the right of the nebula. A regular target for astrophotographers, the California Nebula can be spotted with a wide-field telescope under a dark sky toward the constellation of Perseus, not far from the Pleiades.

Tomorrow’s picture: open space