Joe says.

Joe Manchin is just as far-left as Ilhan Omar ( has she disappeared? )  Joe is a BS Democrat.


Out of this world.

Maher is a left-winger, but might be unwoking.  He occasionally is funny.


The Enlightened Editor:  Who is one of your top  5 cat-repulsive creatures, LL ?

Fact Checked Cat:  The four-letter-word Nancy Pigleosi.  She is the most evil, repugnant, toxic, sleazy, slimy, repulsive, smelly, slovenly, bad seed from a mating between Satan and his top Demon.  She reminds me of an infected sore or cut that has become infected and is full of puss.  After a while the surrounding skin turns yellow, green, purple, etc.  Here are some interesting items.

Four-letter-word Nancy wants to give the MSM taxpayer money and remove them from monopoly control.

Four-letter-word Nancy is a dictator, and is destroying Congress.  The dems follow her for the bribes she sends to their states, only 9 percent of the 1.9 Trillion just passed bill is for COVID 19 relief.  She is trying to nullify a certified election in Iowa.

Nancy wanted the Capitol trashed.

The dems want power to start a nuclear war.

She wants to influence the military, which is a tad out of her corrupt  HOR duties.  She can use the 25th Amendment on Joe.

Joe is in charge of our vaccines.  MST suggests that the technicians must be goofy, and trained by one of Nancy’s Impeachment personnel ( Schiff or Nadler ).

Nancy and the dems care about your future.

We should bring Chinese drivers here, and only let them drive when the Congress is adjourning.  I saw Hunter in one crash.

Here is a past example of today’s troubles.  I found protest, liquor, masks, 5 minority groups wanting the same thing, and several big time stars.  Big stars, big sky, big monuments, big music, and big torches.



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