The killer in Colorado is a Radical Islamist Terrorist.  Obama would say it was workplace violence.  It is more of the same BS to divide America by races, to make conservatives the boogie man, instead of the dems & MSM.


Cuomo-Deshaun Diary.  We try to stay current, but other news happens.  I can’t even take a cat-nap without having another dozen sex accusations about Deshaun and Cuomo.


This guy is as professional as the Sullivan Judge in DC.  A good Liberal Democrat.

A little change in DC.


Nancy, Joe, and Schumer need to tear down ALL of the ineffective Capitol wall/fence,—- c’mon man.

The states have to do this, because the feds are too corrupt.

This might be a good movie.


Advantages of women in combat.  Many men are also incompetent.

The Chinese change tactics.


The Invisible Editor:  What is out-of-sight about, LL ?

Not Visible Cat:  It started off as out of sight-out of mind, but morphed into other things.  Mimics are everywhere.

Joe is out-of-it.

This is a favorite among Democrat politicians.  Deception is their stock-in-trade. 

The deceptive politicians travel/act in herds for protection.  I didn’t include the lions killing a weak/old/young Impala, it is too graphic.  The MSM/Democrats for some reason singled Andrew Cuomo out for replacement.  All of the Major Democrats hide behind the larger herd.

TIE:  Is that all about how to stay safe, NVC ?

One thing is,  be sure that your camouflage is effective.

The Political Correct Bird Poop is not effective.

The Cicadas have a plan worked out.  Out of sight, out of mind.  From my experiences Congress should meet when the Cicadas emerge.  Anything they do needs 17 years of trials or R & D.  All drugs and farm chemicals should be tested on their families.

This is a trip in the Way-Back-Machine, before Jena Psaki became retarded.  If she knew this much about Biden’s plan she wouldn’t circle around as much.

Maxine Waters could drown-out a million Cicadas, but they are more intelligent.


2 thoughts on “THE SPHINX—OUT OF SIGHT

  1. The very first paragraph is 100% spot-on but not one is allowed to to say it out loud for fear of being called names..

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