When things are put in perspective to humans and known objects, effects can be astounding.


 1. This is a giant leather back sea turtle. They grow up to 7 feet long and 2,000 pounds.

2. How many Earths would be able to fit inside the Sun?

1.3 million Earths.

3. Here’s an average-sized giant African land snail

4. Eagle talons are enormous!

5. The size of an average blue whale’s heart.

6. The Titanic in a comparison with a modern cruise liner.

7. Quetzalcoatlus Northropi – the largest flying animal to ever live

8. A pair of fully-inflated horse lungs.

9. This is how big a moose really is.

11. Nice to meet you!

12. Some road signs really are that huge!


13. Saltwater crocodiles are huge compared to fresh water crocs.

14. The view from Earth if our moon was replaced by Saturn.

15. The terrifying size of a gorilla’s hand.

16. Standing beside a single wind turbine blade.

Just imagine how many birds these Green New Deal wind turbines do kill. I HATE this Green New Deal Democrat BS!  -Sheila Tolley-

17. Comparing a comet to the city of LA.

2 thoughts on “AMAZING…..

  1. Wind turbines do NOT kill birds. The turbine turn very, very slowly. Possible dependence on wind power for our power needs is another “gum-met” waste of our tax money!!!! It needs to be abolished but there is not one politician who will suggest this.

    • Good Morning, Lee….The lady who does my hair, who relocated from Sweetwater Texas, told me that “the turbines slaughter birds, it is a sad sight.”

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