3 thoughts on “Bible Verse of the Day

  1. I have some very elderly friends that I have not seen in a year. I am afraid If I go to visit and they get sick, some one would say If Mary had not went to visit She or He would not have gotten sick. There are a lot of people that need a visit, a hug, a smile. We are not free to do this any longer. Look what our world has come to, and I point the finger to the Dems, They love keeping a thumb on us. This thing should have ended a long time ago. CONTROL, CONTROL, CONTROL, CONTROL!!!!!!! Enough is enough I am so angry.!!!!!!

    • You are so right. These Anti-American Dems currently in control will not settle down until they have successfully fulfilled every THREAT they have made to America.

  2. There is only one way to stop this… BUT I can not say it here.
    We need another TEA PARTY only not just in Boston Harbor but all over the entire nation….

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