My racist term of the day was, conceived, nurtured, born, and raised mostly by Democrats, as was the KKK, and segregation.  This is a long article.  Joe gave a eulogy at the funeral of Strom Thurmond a former hate leader.

Ole Joe is a Jim Crow Democrat.  So is the news media.

Photos from Joe’s mass child abuse crime.  He said the press could come in once things were cleaned up.


We lose more control of America with every  essential product not produced here.  Our Congress and President make it possible.

It’s the climate.


The Navy might interrupt White-Privilege class.

Elmo knows.


Real News Editor:  Why are you going undercover again, LL ?

Abused Readers In California Cat:  I have to go to California and check on the Lefties bulling my readers.  I might make this small cheerleader a Captain in our Sierra neighborhood.

The immigrants aren’t assimilating into society.  They come here and want to keep the same loser associates, and isolate themselves.  Some places are like Europe, where there are no-drive-zones for the police.  The Muslim immigrant terrorist run their neighborhoods.

I will use these tips to disguise myself.  I will fit in as Asian looking, for some reason Oriental is now a slur.

Barbara Walters used similar tips from Connie Chung to stab her in the back, in years gone by.

The only creature nastier than a journalist is a politician.

RNE:  Can you speak cat-Japanese, ARICC ?

Wmeow, wmeow, wmeow.  Ah, so.  I have been practicing with a computer-translator.  I just have to learn a little of their culture.

I’m using pine tree yellow pollen to get the right skin tone.



  1. I am glad to hear the yellow stuff is pollen. I thought is was something Biden sprayed in the Chem-trails to turn us Communist Chinese.

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