I want to see Nancy, Schumer, and Joe say all infrastructure construction will be done by American companies and citizens.  Put it in the law–no excuses about untrained people or supply shortages.


Today is Good Friday,  for believers.

This is good news.

One liberal/snake didn’t work out.

A special.

If you take away Wall Street and a few banks, New York City is just a rat-hole with a deep water port.  Everything financial can be run from your Rolls Royce or F-150, on the internet.   ( or China )


Spox is the new political word–it avoids any words that could be hurtful, like she or he.  The correct figure is about 30,000.  Cuomo will fly in to see which ones are tagged for termination.

This is a repeat of Chip Chip, as all are.  Commie Sue is headed to Minneapolis for the trial.


High And Low Editor:  Tell us about the wind, LL ?

Smart Cat:  Here is a long article about wind.

HALE:  When did humans figure out how to use wind, SC ?

Probably before recorded history.  They used it to dry things and sail boats.  Here is a big-time invention about sailing.

Before you could say It’s Trump’s fault all kinds of wind aided things were going on.

Now one important product of wind is electricity.

Wind Farms appear to show a low mortality rate for birds.  The loss will be about the same as Biden’s responsibility for child deaths crossing 2,000 miles to enter illegally.  Both are expendable.

Wind Farms built for cold weather work fine.  The ones in Texas were not made for a once in a 100 years freeze.

HALE:  Have you ever generated electricity, SC ?

I haven’t personally, but my staff volunteers to help out in difficult times.

The biggest problem with wind and sun generated electricity is reliable batteries.

We have two songs today.


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