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As I grow older, I wonder more about little things than I did at an earlier age. Little things that I have merely accepted throughout my life.

I can understand the giving of gifts at Christmas. After all, the Wise Men did take gifts to baby Jesus. I am not clear how the fat man in the red suit fits into the picture. That is just one of those things that I accepted.

I am totally lost on the Easter situation. I believed for many years that I must have had some chapters missing from my Bible. I started looking at other Bibles and sure enough, they were just like mine. Nowhere in there does it mention a rabbit. I can go along with an Easter Angel but not Peter Cottontail. Why did they pick an animal that does not lay eggs, then use eggs as the symbol. I am so confused. I think credit should be given where credit is due. It is not fair for the chicken to do the work and the rabbit to get the credit! It would have worked out just as well with a chicken anyway.

Here comes Peter Feathertail
Strutting down the chicken trail.
Struttity, strut, strut
Easter’s on the way.

We are asking for trouble if we do not show proper appreciation. The chickens may quit laying eggs at Easter. I heard Santa is already losing some of his elves to Keebler. They did not get enough credit and he expected them to support a family of elves while working only one month a year. Rumor on the street is they enjoy the hollow trees much more than the North Pole. It is much warmer and they get all the free cookies they can eat.

Well, if I do not see you on Easter Day…go ahead and hide the eggs…..



  1. Easter was combined with a pagan holiday to help Christianity convert the infidels. Rabbits were a symbol of fertility for the pagans. Later the pagans and infidels changed their beliefs to the Democrat Party.

  2. A lot of things were changed in the Bible that we take as truth. One is Sunday was another work day in the Roman Empire. On March 7, Year 321 however, Roman Emperor Constantine issued a civil decree making Sunday a day of rest from labor stating. All Judges, city people and Craftsmen shall rest upon the venerable day of the Sun. Therefore Sunday becoming day of worship. Remember when Yeshua walked the Earth he was crucified and died on the cross on Friday, They had to rush to take him down and prepare the body for burial before the Sabbath that started at Sundown Friday evening. Those of you with a smart phone ask Google what is the real name of Jesus. For thousands of years now we have worshiped on the wrong day and called him the wrong name.

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