Ban baseball, send the players to China.  They can be free.

Very near China, a big monkey and lizard duke it out.


You go Mo.

Drink water—no woke coke zone.

This is why dems are retarded.  They go crazy over meaningless junk, you agree with me or else.


Dear NBA Editor:  Are there any NBA players left in America, LL ?

Peking Cat:  No, all the NBA games are played in China.  Here is retired player Charles Barkley making fun of Jussie Smollet and writing checks while committing crimes.  The second is also true.

DNE:  Did they mention why Smollett hasn’t been tried for his crimes, PC ?  What’s the delay ?

I have to circle-back on this but, the word on the street is that Mayor Lightfoot ( sister of Swift Deer-Elizabeth Warren—both are from the Iwantchamoney tribe.)  Anyway, with about 40 people a week getting shot/killed in Chicago they seem to be hoping that the aforementioned might meet an unfortunate accident.  That way no one is offended.

Aaron is the best guest-host to date.

Maybe Heinz needs someone to see a week in the future.

One piece of history is located.

Adia is just a nasty person.  It’s a pitiful situation.  She needs to have some situational awareness.  Curse words have a place, but not on public platforms.


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