Masters stories.  The last place in America where you go by the rules or just go.  No drunks, rudeness, screaming, or bad boy behavior.  The catty (hurtful) remarks are because the MSM writer is envious.


Georgia’s Governor has returned to the Republican Party.

I see nothing here that the Feds, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Apple, and the rest don’t also do with every citizen.


Religious Editor:  What is going on with religion, LL ?

It Is Terrible Cat:  I can’t believe the intolerance and hate the Democrats show to Jesus.  This link is only a small part.

Some believers think Senator Raphael Warnock is trying to erase Jesus from history, like he did other historical figures.  He even tweeted that good deeds alone could give you salvation to the next place after death.  Some Pastor.

If good deeds could get you into Heaven, all the dems would  still wind up in Hell.  The current crop of dems would be checking ID’s and making sure no one got ice water.

Raphael Warnock thinks his name gives him some special treatment.  He wanted to arrest Jesus for paying for his lodging with fish & bread, and turning water into wine.  Don’t forget practicing medicine without a license.

He is Pontius Pilate.

The MSM are trying to smear DeSantis with lies because if Trump doesn’t run in 2024, DeSantis and Cruz will be the favorites.

Joe is the current impeachment hero.

There are no stars or super stars in the dem party.


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