Biden and the dems can’t change the terms of The Supremes they are appointed for life.  THE CONSTITUTION WOULD HAVE TO BE CHANGED.

Chip Chip has a sermon.  John Roberts is still a liberal.

Two creeps get theirs.


Hate crimes are just another MSM  plan to slur white people.

Jack Dorsey, Twitter, Biden and Congress don’t care about children.  Check out the border and sexual abuse of children.


Georgia, USA, has new laws.


The Lizard Editor:  Are you sure about Gonzaga in your title, LL ?

Monkey Cat:  Oh, I mixed up the Gonzaga college basketball team that lost to the Texas Baptist Christian School-Baylor University.

I’m sure Godzilla and Kong 2021 is a viewable movie, but probably is a poor redo compared to the original.  The new one probably has some liberal message.

The first one is a cult-classic.

Godzilla has more rebirths than Hillgal.

Godzilla even has serious admirers. Here is a recent one.  As you can see this poor imitation likes to eat dust and 25 year old Pork & Beans.  That’s all you get on the top shelf of a convenience store.  As Biden would say you need a slight Indian accent.

Did Kong and Godzilla scare these people away ?  Where are they ? Pigleosi, Pocahontas, Schiff, Nadler, Hirono, Schumer, Al Sharpton, Maxine, Ilhan, AOC, Pressley, Tlaib, Goofy Bernie, Hill and Bill, The View creeps, Feinstein, Sheila Jackson Lee, Dr. Jill, last but not least—Biden’s  ” border czar ” quit, and Kamala who is in charge of the border problem hasn’t been seen since the Satan worshiping shoe guy started selling large Satan shoes.  She might be like Forrest Gump and on the road again.



  1. I’ve always preferred Godzilla. A misunderstood rather large lizard with no friends. After all, he kicked Mothra’s butt. I’m tapped out on what to say about our government, nothing left. Keep up the good writing and reporting.

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