Minnesota gets what they want/voted for ( see Cool Hand Luke scene a few lines down ).   Enjoy your diversity.  Any people who get support from Michigan’s slimy Tlaib need psychiatric care.  She is my Dung Beetle of the day.


Who the fuk is running Boeing ?  They have had the planes grounded for a year, can’t they connect two wires ?  Are they and the airlines already hiring for diversity rather than skills and ability ?

Did they get their new diversity electricians from here ?


Disney is wonderful.


The Interesting Editor:  Do you have some entertainment for our loyal readers, LL ?

Muckraking Cat:  I sure do.  The first one is no surprise.  We all remember that Power/Money corrupts.  BLM members are getting their share.  ( A Molotov Cocktail speeds up the process ).

Atlanta, our most recent sanctuary city, has given up on policing.  We knew that from the CNN/Wendy’s fiasco, and the 8 year old Black girl being killed.

We also know that criminals don’t follow the laws, morals, or social guidelines.  The LIBERAL POLICY is for rich people.  It is sad but some people can’t be reached.  You can punish them or be their victim.  Some will kill you for a slice of pizza, or just for the fun of it.

Biden and his lackeys are changing the meaning of words and destroying our military.

Pennsylvania is a dem cesspool.

A truth break, about the media.

An ancient history is unearthed.  Some DNA escaped.  The mummy has the same gait as Biden.



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