Every Governor should do this.  Take it to the Supremes.

This is a great idea.  The R’s should double the dems high figure and add our Latinos.


Joe has an invitation.

This is why Kamala has disappeared.


Pigleosi is practicing for her upcoming retirement.  This is how to control government contracts when you are out of the loop.

The Supremes correct Nancy’s nephew again.


Your Real News Editor:   What’s new, LL ?

It’s Dangerous Out There Cat:   It is dangerous out here, but some states are returning your God Given Rights.

News from the Bee.

This might be my next to last article on Hunter.  There is nothing there.

A repeat for the sanctuary states and cities.

The continuing Portland, and new Minnesota RIOTS call for another repeat.

Burn it down.  The sanctuary places are getting like the ISIS killers were under Obama, pretty soon people ignore the cutting off of heads and other things.  Chicago and their killing of Blacks is an example.  They stopped reporting it.  It isn’t news anymore.

Egypt wants their money ( reparations ).

DeSantis puts up some new signs.

Almost everything you buy will increase.  Then the rising inflation will add another cost.  Do you believe Joe and Psaki ?

I don’t know if this is Taylor’s new or old version.


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