This would be almost as good as RBG retiring, to get rid of political slut Nancy’s socialist nephew.


Second Amendment rights.

India has a crisis.


I hope every person who protests anything is disqualified or removed from the premises—no medal.

Put Pigelosi, Hirono, Maxine, and AOL on the next test flight.

Oscar news.


Congress and the Presidents have let them in for 30 years–for campaign presents.

Joe is going to visit the Jim Crow on steroids state.  What a creature.


Mars has a helicopter flight.

Social Justice reaches White Dads.


The Honest Editor:  What/Who is scamming whom, LL ?

The Muckraker Cat:  Kamala and Joe are giving Kamala’s book to all the illegal kids invading America.

Special K is getting about 99 Pesos for each book- that’s $5.00 US for royalty on each book.  What is even worse is Virginia is not teaching advanced math to gifted students because they say Black kids are too stupid to learn.  They don’t want to embarrass them.

What this accomplishes is that, in the future, when America can’t produce qualified Engineers —the dems can bring future engineers from China on special Visas.

A read bump.

More topical news is that BLM/Antifa have improved their training on throwing objects at the police.  Because of better training they have improved their throwing accuracy.  The large Campbell’s Alphabet Soup has been replaced by a better projectile.  Many looters are effete men and women on drugs who can’t handle an  11 ounce can.  The 5.5 oz V-8–made from vegetable juice concentrate and added ingredients is their new choice.

As more LGBTQAUVK<# join the Armed Forces hand grenades shown in the previous video will be down sized to the 5.5 ounce.  The new patriotic volunteers are familiar with the size.  Kamala’s new Secretary of Defense, General Austin, said the 5.5 ounce grenade would not be a problem—they will just throw more of them.

THE ( how about that ):  That is good news, does he/she/other have other improvements, TMC ?

He sure does.  Once he ferrets out the White Supremacist, Kappa-Kappa-Kappa members, White Bigots, and other Republicans from the armed forces he will have only one more major task,

THE:  What is that, TMC ?  ( what about that )

He will remove other White Supremacist from these places in over 20 countries.

The tune is for America.

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