Gallon House Covered Bridge

WGN – 37-24-01 Gallon House Covered Bridge – Built in 1916-7 in Marion County spanning Abiqua Creek on Gallon House Rd. NE, single span, 84 feet long, Howe trusses

Cost $3000. Oldest Oregon covered bridge open to traffic. The Gallon House was the location where Silverton residents could purchase gallons of “white lightening” whiskey which was not allowed to be sold in town. During the Christmas Flood of 1964, the bridge suffered considerable damage and was repaired. In 1985, the old wooden structure was closed to all traffic when a damaged chord rendered it useless. County road crews repaired the bridge to accept traffic up to a 10-ton limit by reinforcing a lower chord, as well as making repairs to the beams and flooring. The renovation also included a change in the size and shape of the portals. The revamped portals were hinged to allow them to be opened for taller loads when necessary. In 1990, the bridge was rehabilitated and the hinged portals were removed.


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