Anything White is racist.  The OK sign has been around for centuries.  Nobody played with the asexual complainers when they were kids.  There are more Radical Liberal terrorist supporters on CNN and MSNBC than organized White supremacist in America.

All of this White Supremacist crap is an attempt to marginalize, and terrorize White people.  Biden said Obama was clean and spoke well.  Hillary started the Birther trash about Obama.

( The video scheduled to be shown here was censored by YouTube. YouTube is owned by GOOGLE….GOOGLE now owns our Freedom of Speech in America. )

Trump supports Liz Cheney.


Joe and Nancy love illegals and Chinese products.


These marriage tips can also be used at work.  If you are a New York politician you can squeeze some in between groping and sexual assaults.


The Ripley Editor:  What’s strange, LL ?

Rod Serling Cat:  I think I just went to an alternate universe.  Tell me who has these qualifications.  He was on the Board of Directors of AMTRAK ( toot-toot).  He was employed by an Ukrainian gas company—and didn’t speak their language.  Last but just as important he will be lecturing at Tulane University.

TRE:  Is it someone like the four people credited with inventing the light-emitting-diode ( LED ), RSC ?

Bourbon Street Cat:  No, it’s HUNTER BIDEN.

An Adam Schiff break.  He is a Doodle Bug.

The best part about the situation is that Ole Joe will probably get at least one and maybe more grandchildren.  Tulane is only a few blocks from the French Quarter.

This is a more accurate view.

Joe will keep his dog Cujo and let a K-9 stay with Hunter.  Dante, a retired drug sniffer, has a dog-body cam to send Hunter’s where-abouts back to the White House.

I hope it works out for Hunter and Dante.  Dante should remember that the only two places with more alternate sex choices and cocaine are Harvard University and Washington, District of Columbia.


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